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Open Letter To All Dog Parents:

Vet Reveals Her Biggest Secret For Keeping Dogs Active Well Into Their Golden Years!

By Dr Kerry Watson

5 min read


ear dog parent,

My name is Kerry Watson and I’ve

been a vet for over 10 years.

In that time, I’ve seen dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds come through my doors.

And despite the fact every dog is different, their longevity, happiness and everyday energy is all controlled by:

Stiffening joints.

Now, please don’t disregard this issue as an ‘old dog’s problem’ because it’s not. In fact, studies have shown dogs as young as one year old can show signs of joint issues1.

To put that into perspective, the average dog lives to about 10 years old, which is only 3650 days…

…some even less depending on the breed…

…and if your dog’s joint issues start when they are just one year old…

…that means they only get to enjoy those first 365 days of their life properly.

The rest of their lives might be spent dealing with the discomfort and limitations of stiffening joints.

Just like a bicycle that doesn’t get taken care of properly…

It soon starts to rust.

At first, this is annoying because it becomes creaky and doesn’t ride as well. However, very quickly, the rust starts to spread and take over until the bike can no longer move.

It doesn’t matter how new the bike is…

If you don’t take care of it…

…it will rust away.

Stiffening joints and a lack of energy is common but NOT normal...

And the painful reality is an overwhelming majority of dogs have stiffening, deteriorating joints most of the time…

Unfortunately, their owners are clueless about what signs to look out for and so they either don’t act fast enough…

…or don’t act at all until they bring their dog through my doors.

It breaks my heart every time I tell a loving owner their dog won’t be around much longer…

Because every owner thinks they have more time together…

…only to learn their dog’s days are coming to an end sooner than they thought.

I’ll cover HOW to take care of stiffening joints in a moment…


You MUST know what signs to look out for in your dog

These are:

  • Strained walking

  • Hesitation to go upstairs or jump on the couch

  • Lack of energy

  • Getting up slower

  • Sleeping more

  • Refusal to go for walks or play

Just imagine if you were in their position. How restricted and helpless would you feel in life if you had to live with stiffening joints?

Now, if your dog is not showing any of the above signs…

Does this mean you should wait until they do before you act?

Absolutely Not!

Acting before you see any signs is critical and if their joints are currently healthy with no signs of stiffening…

The best way to take care of them and help them live a long, happy life with you is to maintain the current health of their joints.

So, now you know the signs to look out for in your dog…

And you know the importance of acting fast…

…even if you see no signs at all…

Here are the 3 ‘MUST HAVES’ every dog needs to take care of stiffening joints

Just one important thing:

Once you find out what these are, you’ll be tempted to grab them from your nearest pet store or amazon. However…


This will do nothing but burn a hole in your pocket. I’ll explain exactly why that is later. First, let’s cover what they are:

Must Have #1 Medical Grade Orthopedic Bed

38x more effective than anything else on the market…

…meaning it can be 38 times more effective at delivering the magical benefits to your pup.

Don’t get this confused with a memory foam orthopedic bed.

Grabbing a plain memory foam dog bed is not good enough.

The majority of orthopedic beds in pet store or amazon is made with cheap polyfill or memory foam, which collapses under a big dog’s body.

….meaning their joints press right into the hard floor, creating painful pressure points.

It can be poorly supporting their joint

So you’d need a medical grade orthopedic foam to help provide full support.

Therefore simply using a memory foam bed is not enough.

You need a bed that protects your dog’s spine and joints by providing optimal support to key pressure points.

And that’s why choosing a medical grade orthopaedic dog bed is so effective (38x times more effective to be exact).

Must Have #2 Egg Crate foam For Breathability

This unique design is an absolute must when picking out a high quality dog bed.

…that are beneficial for your dog’s joint health…

Egg crate design increases breathability and weight distribution.

Plus, it is naturally cooler than most beds.

However, don’t be fooled.

Not all foams are created equal and with the egg crate design, many low grade foams will degrade and flatten faster.

Therefore, you’d want to choose from some of the best rated foam toppers, which I will cover which one is the best shortly

A high quality egg crate foam can provides greater amounts of airflow for sleepers while also adjusting to the body to relieve pressure points.

Over the years, these types of foam have been popular with sleepers who have mattresses that are too firm for them.

And using the Buddy Bed by Toby & Ace, can significantly target the intensity of stiffening joints and discomfort in dogs.

And as part of Toby & Ace, it can significantly target the intensity of stiffening joints and discomfort in dogs.

Must Have #3 Bed With Good Warranty

Most dog owners cheap out on dog beds because they think they’re saving money…

However, they end up spending over $1600 over their dogs lifetime buying $80 bed that has to be changed every 6 months.

That’s why you need to ensure the dog bed you buy have a good warranty that can last you for the lifespan of your dog

Think about it like this:

Invest Today = Save Money In The Long Run

Unfortunately, supermarket and pet store shelves are often stacked with low quality dog beds…

…that flattens fast and causes greater harm to your dog.

…and does little for humans or dogs.

Now remember:

DO NOT grab these from any old supermarket or online store

Most of the stuff out there is either cheaply sourced or worse yet…

Totally ineffective.

It’s bad enough that many suppliers use cheaply sourced materials

When you combine that with your dog's fragile join…

It’s no surprise I see many healthy dogs developing arthritis very early on even as early as the age of one

If you are going to get your dog an orthopedic dog bed

And I highly recommend you do…

My #1 Choice is Toby & Ace Deep Sleep Buddy Bed

They are the only dog bed in the market that uses medical grade orthopedic foam that is build right here

…in the USA

Their triple-layer foam supports big dogs, wrapping their joints in total comfort.

The core layer provides a small amount of give, sustaining comfort and preventing him from hitting the hard floor.

No more stiff joints and painful sleep.

They use an egg crate design with cooling technology built in

Unlike other conventional dog beds and even memory foam dog beds that trap heat

so even if your dog is not hot their body heat is being absorbed

and it just keeps building up in the bed until they become hot.

Instead…the buddy bed uses a high quality egg crate cooling foam technology that increases breathability and regulates your dog’s body heat.

This absorption results in an enhanced cooling experience allowing your dog to have a deeper sleep through the day.

Manufactured in the USA and comes with a 10 Year Warranty!

A dog bed that can support your dog's deteriorating , stiffening joints well into their golden years…

So they can have the confidence to walk, run, play and feel like puppies again.

So, if you want the best for your dog…

Then give them the best…

Because they deserve it.

And if you want the best method for supporting your dog’s healthy joints…

The Buddy Orthopedic Bed isn’t just the best solution for your dog…

It’s the ONLY solution.

Don’t take my word for it…

Check out what other dog parents like you have to say about the chews…

Toby & Ace is carried by 234 Veterinary Clinics across the USA…

…It’s the only medically proven orthopedic dog bed in the market

And with their 10 Year Warranty

It’s no wonder dog parents keep coming back for more.

Put simply, it passes my triple seal of approval when looking for supplements. PetLab Co is:

Trusted By Authorities

Loved By Dog Parents

Proven By Dogs (Over 350,000 and counting)

Manufactured in the USA and comes with a 10 Year Warranty!


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